Q: Who is responsible for securing the washer and dryer internal drums?

A: We have seen an increase of damages to washer and dryers, especially front loading washers.

It is the member's responsibility to disconnect hoses and electrical cords.  It is the agents responsibility to ensure the internal drums are secured with either the stabilizer bots or an inflatable kit.

Q: What is the policy and procedure in shipping Motocycle's to Italy?

A: All shipments going to Italy that contain a motorcycle or off-road vehicle, no registrations will be done in Italy for any service members of spouse that under the age of 24.  This is due to the high number of accidents involving service members and motorcycles.

Q: High Risk/High Value Inventory why must I sign and initial each line?

A: By putting your initial on each line item on the High Risk/High Value Inventory this is a good way for you to review and see if there are damages.  Sign the inventory sheet at Origin and then initial each line item at Destination which will also help you review what has been received.

Q: Why does TempurPedic Mattresses require special handling?

A: All TempurPedic mattresses require special handling and must be shipped flat.  A mattress carton and crate is required.  This item should also be listed on your High Risk/High Value Inventory.